Peter Darracott


Born and bred in Cornwall, Peter Darracott studied at a number of Cornish schools before setting out on a short term sea-faring life, which had a great deal to do with his longing for adventure. Later on in life, after studying marine archaeology, he was lead into the world of underwater excavation and discovery. In recent years he was part of the world’s first underwater teams to explore and to illuminate Cape Verde’s historical past by bringing to the surface beautiful treasures.

Peter spent ten years in Cape Verde working in conjunction with the Marine Archaeological Department of Oxford University headed by Professor Menson Bound. Arqueonautas was the principal salvage company that made it all possible, headed by its founder and director Count Niki Sandizal and the Ministry of Culture Praia, Cape Verde, where Peter Darracott taught local students marine conservation.

Studying the golden days of pirates as a personal interest, Peter Darracott discovered some of the pirate strongholds in the north of the Cape Verdian island of Maio where he lived. Over a ten year period, he hunted for evidence that they were indeed living ashore in large camps and even larger villages. Recently, he believes he found Long Ben Avery’s stronghold complete with little church that still stands in the wilds of the island and is backed up by two maps.

This certainly makes him believe he has also found the safe haven for Captain William Kidd when he sailed through the islands desperately wanting to clear his name.

Ben Avery was never caught, despite many attempts to catch this very clever pirate whose presence is felt everywhere in that spooky area in North Maio.